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Back To One

Aug 15, 2023

Please Note: These interviews were recorded prior to the SAG/AFTRA strike, in June 2023, as part of the Tribeca Festival.

On this special episode of Back To One, actors Sophia Lillis, Hannah Gross, and Michael Cera talk about their work in writer/director Dustin Guy Defa’s wonderful new film "The Adults." We get a glimpse into each of their general preparation processes before doing a deep dive into their work on this actor-centric production. They each talk about how they built the reality of their complex sibling relationship, why the songs and dances that play such a big part in their characters’ past feel so organic, the extremely hard task of being truly unfunny, and much more. The Adults opens in select U.S. cities on August 18th.

Back To One is the in-depth, no-nonsense, actors-on-acting podcast from  Filmmaker Magazine. In each episode, host Peter Rinaldi invites one working actor to do a deep dive into their unique process, psychology, and approach to the craft. 

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