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Back To One

Aug 29, 2023

Onur Tukel is a boldly independent writer-director-actor who, for more than a decade, has been making cutting edge comedies in New York City that sometimes land in the horror category, sometimes social satire, are often absurd, mostly hilarious, and always thoughtful—“Catfight,” “Applesauce,” “Summer of Blood,” “The Misogynists,” “Scenes From An Empty Church,” to name just a few. His latest, “Poundcake,” about a serial killer who only targets straight white men, is maybe his boldest yet, which says a lot. In this hour, he talks about his reluctant approach toward acting in his own films, the ways he has navigated low budget indie film production consistently enough to make a film every year, what rejuvenated his excitement for making movies after almost quitting, why he won’t stop taking big storytelling risks, and much more!

Back To One is the in-depth, no-nonsense, actors-on-acting podcast from  Filmmaker Magazine. In each episode, host Peter Rinaldi invites one working actor to do a deep dive into their unique process, psychology, and approach to the craft. 

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